Today Nintendo has party can come, can get! We revisit Mario Party, the classic multiplayer Nintendo 64

Posted on August 23, 2013 – 14:29

Ministry warns of video games: play Mario Party may cause permanent damage to your al ... (Thomas Schulze on 8/22/13, via Nintendo Blast)

Ministry warns of video games: play Mario Party may cause permanent damage to your analog stick, besides destroying friendships and all the cartilage of your fingers.Still, the use of Mario Party is highly recommended for those who have interest in doses of fun and one of the best multiplayer games in history.

And the party will roll, will roll!

Nintendo 64

Developed in partnership with Hudson Soft, Mario Party captivated the hearts nintendistas a snap and has become a benchmark in fun, competing with Mario Kart 64 and GoldenEye 007 for gas generation definitive multiplayer experience. After all, few things in video games are funnier to call three friends to play fifty six minigames extremely creative.


My House My Life

For starters, there were several types of homes in which his character could fall. Roughly speaking, they could be divided into blue houses (who brought good things) and red houses (which yielded punishments). There subdivisions as the fearsome house red Bowser, able to transfer the player from the first to the last position in a second, the mushroom house to guarantee another pitch given, or even always random house "?", Which could be something both positive and negative, depending on your luck. But this only served as a criterion to define the groups that would play the minigames at the end of each shift.

It works like this: if all four players fall in houses of the same color, they all faced under equal conditions. When two players were one color and the other two in another, a union temporary happened and the two double clashed. Finally, when a player fell on a color and the other three in another, the player had to face the lone remaining.


Twinkle twinkle little star

Beyond the stars spread naturally by the board at the end of the game three stars were given as a reward according to the performance of the characters: who had billed more coins in total took the first star, who had gone better in minigames took another, and who stepped more houses "?" led to last. Needless to mention that most of the matches ended up being decided only at the time of this award, right? Oh, in case of a tie in stars, who had won the largest number of coins.

Goodbye analog. Hello, fun!

Nintendo, Mario PartyBig NMario Party.Virtual Console.

But nothing came close to take the shine that this is one of the best and most creative games of Nintendo. As the name of the game implies, more than a simple video game, Mario Party is a real party in your home.

Review: José Carlos Alves

Cover: Douglas Fernandes


Graydon Carter on the state of movies

2012-04-17 13:27:59 by Creigette

Don't know if any of you read Vanity Fair, but it's the only magazine where I read the initial letter from the editor.
Here are the opening paragraphs:
Editor’s Letter
A Vast Tasteland
By Graydon Carter
It could fairly be said, given how many Oscars were handed out to non-Americans at this year’s Academy Awards, that it might be time to create a new category: Best...e much of what the American film has become: an endless succession of sequels, prequels, remakes, movies spun off of action figures or board games, movies with vampires or fire-breathing mutants, bro­mantic comedies, teenage love sagas, and high-minded adaptations of the sort of minimalist, writing-school-inspired fictions that have sent the American novel into a slow, self-admiring death spiral

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